Fast Warlock Leveling – Few Tips on How to Level Warlock Fast

Leveling a Warlock was the most exciting of all the other classes in World of Warcraft. This class is the ultimate class for solo leveling, which in my opinion is the fastest way to reach level 80. Keep in mind that the game only begins at level 80. So that’s why such rush to the end-game.

Fast Warlock Leveling – Affliction, Demonology or Destruction?

First of all, I have to tell you this: Stay away from Destruction. It is totally inefficient for leveling. It takes you a lot of time for drinking (mana regenerating). It also has very bad CC (crowd control), so you will be very bad at critical situations such as “overpulling”. That gives extra downtime due to being killed often. It also lacks of survivability: Destruction is more like “glass cannon” mage. Fast Warlock leveling with Destruction? Are you kidding?!

Demonology is not a bad choice. This talent tree provides you with boosted pets. It is more like hunter’s “beast mastery”. Your pets do most of the job. So if you like playing in this way, go for it. It also gives you some very nice buffs from “Master Demonologist”.

However! For the fast Warlock Leveling I warmly recommend being an Affliction Warlock. It is the most mana efficient talent build. When leveling, you will not drink for mana regeneration at all. With talents “Improved Life Tap”, “Siphon Life” and “Dark Pact” you will never run out of mana/healt. You must keep in mind that stamina is your primary stat. So when you gear up you must go for the gear with the most stamina.

Fast Warlock Leveling – Questing?

Doing quest is the fastest way to level up. But! Some quests are designed to waste your time. They are called Thrash Quests. Stay away from them! You must get the quests that take you very little time and reward you with the most XP.